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India, with her 1.2 Billion populations thriving and progressing is a wonder in her. With continually growing economic prosperity and ever increasing market along with immense future potential, is a business opportunity which is but irresistible for any company.

And we at imagedb are committed to ensure that ideas of business product and services get truly reflected through our contents, which will give companies to have the necessary edge towards becoming future market leaders.

The contents are being developed keeping in view of addressing the present and future requirements of different business sectors. Towards this, Imagedb represents more than 80,000 images categorised into 3 collections. The different categories of collection are:

  1. UniquelyIndia: A Uniquely Indian collection for the global market focused on Indian people and their relationships in family, couples and business
  2. Exotica: There's one thing about India you can't deny, she's diverse, vivid and exotic. This rights managed collection offers high quality photographs shot across the length and breadth of India by exceptional photographers. Find that elusive monument, those exotic people, that one view, find the ultimate picture of India right here, right now with "Exotica" by imagedb.
  3. SastyPhoto: With a whole new take on RF images, launches the ultimate value collection ? A collection that comprises of fresh, clean and urban images that don't cost a lot. So if you have an idea we know we can make it real, come choose from thousands of world class images from all over India and the world.
  4. Footagedb: Videos actualize by deceiving the eyes, which fail to perceive the individual frames in motion. But at footagedb we emphasize that each of the different images concatenated and flowing in a soothing stream catches the complete attention of the viewer. This collection of footages not only portrays the ideas but also imparts a pleasant and mesmerizing experience of sight and sound.

World's innovative and creative photographers are already submitting their collections to us for maximum visible.

We believe that India with her immense cultural richness, elegance, beauty, fragrance, fervour, value, architectural heritage, a colossal but picturesque entity. Each of our images tries to capture one or the other aspects of her; a translation from macrocosm to microcosm and thereby these collections ensure all your needs for Indian images.

If you are interested in representing our Indian imagery collections (UniquelyIndia, Exotica, SastyPhotos) or, Foootagdb in other media network for more revenue generating opportunities, you are requested to contact us or call us+91 (0) 124 4477 987