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What is Keywording and MetaTagging ?
How do we Keywording at Imagedb ?
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Keywording Service

imagedb is an India based leading Keywording specialist. We are currently working with more than dozen Clients in U.S, UK, Asia and Europe.

Currently, Imagedb works 24/7 and processes approximately 50,000+ images/month. Imagedb employs 50 trained and experienced professionals who have worked on various image-processing projects.

Our Keywording process done by specialized SEO team, We guarantee a quality service which is Fast, Easy and affordable, We save you the required time, effort and expertise. Imagedb offers upto 60% savings on the image processing cost.

We work as per the Getty and iStockphoto guidelines which is totally as per their Controlled Vocabulary. We have in-house CVM (Controlled Vocabulary Management) which is organized and maintained by our professionals on daily basis with deep research. We give importance to the quality, an in house quality checking mechanism assures value.

We do microstock style keywording for many photographers and stock agencies.

Prices for our services are more than competitive, and this is one more point to our advantage. We can say with confidence that our prices are lower the average price level in the market! Besides, we have a discount system for large volumes and long-time customers.

What is Keywording and MetaTagging ?

Keywords are words, nouns and or adjectives used to describe or express the apparent attributes of a given image. Keywording is basically describing the different aspects of a given image/photo using the most precise and compact words/phrases .In short it is creating a pen sketch of an image so that even if the image is not present the keywords alone suffice to create a mental image. 

Image keywording is a process which involves assigning keywords to an image to help the customer narrow down his search to a particular theme. These may include different types of descriptions, subject, concepts, ethnicity, occupations, objects, etc. It is an important link between images and sales.

No two images are alike and hence the description varies. We do Keywording on, developed by us. It is a web based asset management software designed with the purpose of easy and accurate Keywording. We are providing the Keywording service for the last six years and the management has the experience of more than 10 years in the Stock Photo industry. Till date we Keyworded more than one million images.

Various feature in such as Group check, List check, Captions check, Controlled vocabulary, Synonyms, and many more are created to help minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

How do we Keywording at Imagedb ?

General Guidance:
Following are some general guidelines for Keywording that we use to practice here to provide customers better search on the web.

Captions are written as a definitive and grammatically accurate sentence which best describes the image. A Caption can be

  1. 250-character limit
  2. Concise but detailed description of the image. If appropriate and relevant to the image, Caption include the following:
    1. Location
    2. Photographic technique
    3. Latin names for plants/wildlife/scientific images
  3. We do not include the following in a Caption:
    1. Ethnicity
    2. Trade names or the copyright symbol
    3. The CD title or publicity plug/account
  4. Caption examples:
    1. Young woman in-line skating
    2. Couple sitting on riverbank, Paris, France
    3. Close-up of Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxi)

Keywords are written as definitive and subjective words which best describe the image. An important component of this process also includes the assignment of image attributes or properties. Keywording is tagging the image with the Key-words (most important words).

  • Basic Keywording non-redundant, un similar, primary keywords.
  • Important Keywords - We add the seven most relevant keywords at the front; normally repeat those in the description and the title as the main.
    Title: (50 characters maximum) "male student jumping"
    Description: (100 characters maximum) "Male student jumping and smiling isolated over a white background"
    Keywords: (50 words maximum) man, male, student, jumping, education, smiling, isolated, jump, smile, white, background, people, person, young, adult, happy, joy etc with other adjectives and conceptual words that relates to the images.
  • Controlled Vocabulary - We are Keywording as per our Controlled Vocabulary (which is approved by Getty and iStockphoto).

We are also adding more general keywords and conceptual keywords which are not part of the Controlled Vocabulary but are used by websites like Dreamstime, Crestock, iStockphoto etc.

  • We use "Finessing" strategy. That is carefully researched keywords to find which ones produce the most sales.
  • Omission of Junk Keywords - We don't use Junk keywords which helps the customer to search images as per their requirement in lesser time.

Re-Keywording new keyword and title added to a file

  • Reduce keywords so there are only “non?redundant, un similar, primary keywords”
  • Add Keywords
  • Correct title if necessary
  • File number of keywords added in excel spreadsheet in order to keep track of added keywords

We are also expert in Keywording images online at ALAMY.

Our expert and experienced Keyworder will follow the exact Alamy guidelines and keyword the images accordingly. The photographers and stock photo agencies can send us the User name and Password for their Alamy login, and we can keyword them online.

Why choose Imagedb ?

  • Captions/titles/description
  • Premium Keywording
  • Synonyms/plurals
  • Middle Version Keywords - equivalent keywords
  • Distributor Customization
  • Categorization
  • Metadata modification
  • Metadata Embedded Excel
  • Metadata Embedded IPTC
  • Submission to Micro Stock Agencies
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Competitive Prices

FAQs about Keywording

Pricing: E-mail to Rashi Jain (

We request you to send the sample work (Free of cost services) to test Quality & processes, we can send FTP details or you can send us five to 10 images as attachment with instruction set at this very mail address.

At Last we want to state that prices are pretty flexible depending upon the nature of work and volume of work you are giving to us.

Turnover Time: Standard: Within 21 Days But once you deliver the final images then Imagedb will confirm the delivery date.

Deliver of Images: We need Low Resolution files (600 Pixels) on FTP or CD/DVD
Delivery of Keywords: Excel File with Columns
Embedded in Low Resolution files - via XMP
What are the other services provided by Imagedb ?

  • a. Adding Model Releases ID in Metadata sheet.
  • b. Content Classification for Getty Images TM
  • c. Age/Ethnicity Column
  • d. Adding Categories for AGE, Super Stock etc
  • e. Keywording VCD's /CDs