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Search Tips

Are you facing problems finding an image at Try these tips

  1. Search with keywords
    Start your searching by typing any keywords into the search bar at the top of any page of site. Keywords are any words or nouns that you use to describe an image. For example, Girl, Man, Woman etcSearch Field
  2. Search with caption
    You can also search your images with caption, for example "Business woman with laptop"
  3. Search with wild card characters
    Using wildcard character like '+'
    e.g. Man + Woman, Boy + Girl
  4. Search with image id.
    If you know the image id your are looking for, just write down into the search box. Example: 1711226, 1846727 etc
  5. Search with name
    Example: pirm_20071010_sm0001, pirm_20071010_sm0483 etc
  6. Search with collection
    You can search by collection like "sastyphotos", "uniquely india", "footage india", "exotica" etc
  7. Search by "Copy space", " Landscape", "Vertical" etc
    You can search for images that have empty space for copy exactly where you want it. Type "Landscape" for scenic or rectangle images.
  8. Search by categories
  9. Search by tool tips
    When you start typing into the search box, there will be a list of keywords display. You can select from the drop down keywords and press enter or click on "GO" button. Example