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Video Editing service

Video recording facilities have added a remarkable advantage to all our lives. May it be in the field of entertainment, sports, education or just any other special occasion in our life, the utility of video recording cannot be denied. So when video recording has entered into our lives in such a wondrous way, video editing services have gained enormous importance in the market. Among many video editing service providers, Imagedb's Video editing Solutions is definitely at the forefront, for its unmatchable services and at reasonable prices.

What is video editing?

Video editing is a smooth process in which:

  • Unwanted portions from any randomly shot video footage are disposed of
  • Useful shots are juxtaposed so as to bring out a definite meaning
  • Making the video polished, with shots arranged in a meaningful sequence. The
    shots are obtained from the untidy mass of randomly shot footage.
  • The video is embellished with background music and effects

Imagedb Solutions' video editing services

Imagedb Solutions provides video editing services such as the following:

  • Stock Footage Video Editing: Selling Stock Footages is lucrative business but stringent submission processes of agencies makes it very hard for film houses or videographers to submit them efficiently. We undertake the entire process of creating Stock Footages out of your existing stock. The service will include selecting the clips, trimming the length of the clip, giving it a natural start with stable Beginning, Middle and End and finally rendering them out at the desirable rate and codec.
  • Professional video editing services: The rough video footage for professional use like ad films, corporate films, documentary films and promotional videos are edited under the supervision of our video/film director.
  • Home video editing services: The rough video footage of occasions like holidays, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other family or social gatherings, are edited and aligned in a meaningful way under the guidance of our video editors.
  • DVD video editing services: The motion picture captured directly on a DVD using a DVD camcorder, High Definition DVD camera or any other DVD camera is directly copied on to the video editing PC. The rough footage is then aligned as per the customer's need.

Imagedb Solutions leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that a perfect video emerges out of your rough footage. The team of professional video editors follows the ensuing procedure to bring out the finest product, may it be an ad film, a home video or a television program.

The video editing process at Imagedb Solutions

Imagedb Solutions uses the non-linear video editing process as follows:

  1. Collecting the complete video footage from the customer and understanding their requirements.
  2. Moving the entire video footage on the hard drive of the computer used for editing.
  3. Cutting the unwanted portions and aligning the appropriate shots using video editing software such as Final Cut Pro.
  4. Adding backgrounds, sound effects, voiceovers and special effects.
  5. Adding title and credits screens to the video
  6. Adding background music, sound effects and other audio to the video
  7. Copying the finished product onto video tapes, CD-ROM, DVD or any other such format as per the customer specifications

Why choose video editing services at Imagedb?

Imagedb Solutions can give an extra dimension to your videos through its professional video editing services. Here are few more reasons, which will make you think of outsourcing video editing to Imagedb Solutions:

  • Cost-effective video editing services
  • Better understanding of the customers' need
  • Valuable creative inputs
  • Delivery of the finished product within the stipulated time frame
  • Unmatchable quality work